Greetings from Malib(L)u(E)!

If you wanna make your white sweat suit a little more feminine, try adding a πŸŽ€.

A very serious gram of me checking my gram. 😐

No one goes goes to MOCA at 1pm on Thursday so you can take all sorts of selfies all over the place k byyeeeeeeπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

I can see my youth from here! (at Roof Top Pool, Equinox)


When are we gonna bring back the back seat wet bar??? #100yearsofhorsepower (at Rodeo Drive Concours)

Be Here Nowish was recently featured in the Tribeca Film Festival online N.O.W. section. Read about itΒ HERE. AndΒ watch ME IN THE FIRST EPISODE and also the first 10 episodes HERE.Β 

This is a show I co-wrote with Laura Keller for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It’s going up in June!Β 

Click here for dates / times / tickets!

Whoops I skipped town 😁🌴

Buy this and watch me sodomize Leo with a candle OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN on blu-ray / dvd / digital hd!!!Β 

This is okay for a Monday afternoon snack, right???? Thanks for the caviar @erasmith & @insta_swag!! πŸ’™ (Obviously a high kick @fergyevers) ⬅️ If you don’t know about high kicks click the link in the profile πŸ‘―

(via The Booze Talkin’: My Exclusive Interview with Christina Jeffs)

this is an interview that happened! it got weird. i was fine with it.

Have you watched @fergyevers and me dip all sorts of things in ranch yet?? Link is in the profile // technical difficulties are fixed 😘 THANKS FOR WATCHING 😘

#tbt Pumped about getting the holy grail of Disneyland autographs. Do I need bangs again??